About me, well, hmmmm…..I always find these parts ridiculously hard to write.  I mean really there is nothing so special about me.  I am just your average, everyday, ordinary girl.  A regular “joe ‘schmoe’  er  ‘joelle schmoe’.   There is the dumb stuff like ….I am 35, I stay at home, with my 3 girls ages 8, 5, and whoops…I mean 3.75.  I went to college, I have a BA in Education – and strangely enough left college without my MRS (which for some reason is  almost unheard of in these parts of West Michigan – especially when you are an elementary education major).   I met my husband at Spring Hill Camps, a camp for kids, where we were counselors…(throwing up here:))

I don’t like to be told what to do….really I am a total pain in my husbands backside.  I won’t buy sewing patterns because they are telling me what to do.  I love to figure things out.

I love COLOR…love it.  I think those of you that live in all white houses are NUTs:) I mean that in the nicest possible way…there is great beauty in all that white and neutral twine color.  But, I always think God gave us all these COLORS!!  He didn’t seem to mind when the sky is all pink and red and purple and orange – so why shouldn’t I put all those colors together?

I love to make something out of nothing – I like making old crap new…well, I just like old crap, as the hubs would say.  Vintage my dear, Vintage…  so you may find some sewing junk on here from Raspberry Blue and some decorating junk too!

As for my personality – well, I can be a little ditzy at times – my head goes a lot faster than my mouth or fingers can get what I am thinking out.  I have been told I have no filter – so my apologies in advance.  I have also been told I am funny.  And that I should write a book.  I don’t know what the heck I would write about , so I will try a blog.  My mom once told me I was witty – I think it was one of the nicest things she ever has said to me….it’s one of those things I like to carry around in the imaginary pocket of my heart.  I hope some day my girls will have some things they can carry around in their heart that I have told them…instead of “brush your teeth, comb your hair, eat your food, make your bed, pick up your clothes…”



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