Oh this weekend

Oh, this weekend was a doozy! I tell you. Saturday my very sweet hubs offered to take the girls on an adventure, so I could get some of my sewing done sans kids – he is a PEACH, I say!

Anyway, the morning started off with a BANG…or a blown out bag of Quaker Oats. Yes, peachy hubs was going to make the girls some nice piping hot oatmeal – when he went to open the GIANT sized Costco bag – the bottom broke spilling oats EVERYWHERE!! So, then Mr. Peachy Pants got out the vacuum and started sucking it up, when middle child started freaking out “DAD, YOU ARE BEING SO WASTEFUL!!!!” On the good note – my belly aching about them being wasteful is being heard.

So after that got all cleaned up and the kids (and Mr. Peachy Pants) fed – Mr. Peachy Pants was going to blow out the lint from my serger because my thread kept breaking. I mean I literally rethreaded this thing 10 times – I was getting really angry. And in the mean time my Curious George Middle child decided to mess around with the serger and (thank goodness I unplugged the thing) bent the crap out of it…I don’t know what she did but I was…more than a little frustrated by now.

I was able to fix the thing and rethread – but my tension was all off and I just didn’t have the time to be patient – I needed some space from that thing -so I did what any girl would do – took oldest child and went to Hobby Lobby for some spray paint.

I have been s.l.o.w.l.y…… updating and redecorating my house. I have a love/hate relationship with this house – but that is another story for another day.

So we found the color I needed to match the accent pillows on the couch – and then we got to work.

first I rubbed off all the dirt and cobwebs from it’s basement storage. Then I rubbed some candle wax over it – I wanted it to look OLD – not shiny and new…

Just up from the basement - I like it.....but it needs something???

Then we taped the glass….I couldn’t find my blue painters tape – so I made do with what I had – duct tape! SAWEET!! I also used papers from the kids’ school work – and some construction paper, which fit almost perfectly in the panes.  Recycle:)

taped up and ready

Next we got busy with the paint….I think my helper painted more of the air than the actual window….oh, well, she thought she was rocking the free world.

Then we let it dry…..and lastly I cleaned up the glass with some rubbing alcohol and a putty knife – I would have used a razor blade, but didn’t have one – so had to make do….

Notice pillow on couch - same color!! WOOT!! and yes that is cheetah fabric on the couch - my girls picked it out when I recovered that baby

and here is the finished product – well, I have to rearrange a little but – I am over the moon with how it turned out! and now want to paint all wood in my family room that color….and I just may.

The finished result


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