Reversible Headband Tutorial

Well, here it is as promised.  The headband tutorial – yeah.  I personally learn through pictures – so I have LOTS of them!

The fabrics

First choose 2 fabrics – they can be coordinating or not.  You will also need about a 6 inch piece of elastic.  I like to use a 1/2 inch – but in the tutorial I am using a 1/4 inch piece.  I like to use my rotary cutter and mat – but you may not have this and a scissors will work just fine.

Cut 3 inch wide 15 inch long strips of each fabric.  Cut one 1 and 1/2 inch wide by 13 inch long strip.  This is to cover the elastic in the back, and optional.   Sew the 2 good sides together.

sewing fabric together

Once these 2 fabrics are sewn together you need to ‘inside out’ them.  Also, fold the ‘like sides’ or the pretty sides together, on the strip you cut to cover the elastic strap.   This is easy to do if you have this fantastic quick-turn tool.  You can pick it up at any craft or fabric store.

Sewing the elastic cover…make sure you leave enough room the get the elastic through.

The quick turn tool...I actually broke the wood tool that came with it - but hey a pencil works just great!

If you don’t have these – I highly recommend getting them, they make the flipping so much easier.  You just insert it into the fabric. And use the wood (or pencil) to push and flip the fabric.

Turning the fabric with the quick turn tool



another picture of the turning I am thinking I mayhave to do a tutorial on how to use this fantastic time saving tool!detail stitching on sides

Once you have the fabric all turned inside out – you can do a little detailed stitch on each side of the fabric – if you can see it in the really bad picture above.

Next fish the elastic through the cover.

here fishy fishy...I like to use a BIG safety pin - goes faster.

Now it is time to put this baby together.  I don’t pull the elastic all the way through.  I just pull it until the end of the elastic meets up with the edge of the fabric.  Then the side you want on top of the headband you lay ‘looking’ at you on the table, and line up the edge of the elastic too.  Fold the headband sides around the elastic and sew it back and forth a few times.

The top fabric is 'looking' at us and the edges of the fabrics are all lined up

folded and sewing

Next pull the elastic through the other side – line up the edges and sew up the side.  Flip each side.

Flipping over the edges

Folded all the way over

And WEAR!!!  yeah, you can do it!!

Oh, so cutie cute!!