The Bedroom Redo

Since my husband started working 3rd shift 4 months ago – I have rarely had time to myself.  This weekend my mom offered to take my 3 girls for the weekend (2 NIGHTS!!)  What a treat.   So of course my mind was filled with 1000 things I wanted to get done while they were gone – so I decided to start the ‘master bedroom’  Redo.

I say “master bedroom” in jest – as the dimensions of our bedroom our 11 feet by 10 and a half feet – and there is a 2 foot by 4 closet in there too.


The before shot - YIKES!!!

It’s a little crampy do dah day – but – it’s what we’ve got.   This room has basically been the same for the past 9 years, since we moved into the house.  And like any room it keeps getting cluttered up with papers!  We don’t have an office – or a good space right now to put office type things – so they keep getting piled up in here.  But whats a girl to do??

The other side of the spacious master suite

So the renovation started – I slid that big old dresser thing – out and took the mattress and box spring off the bed and everything out from under the bed – This was basically so I could clean under that bed – oh, the jungle of dust bunnies under there was – well to say really bad is an understatement.

I started by mixing up some blue/grey paint for the ceiling – (which I keep reading is supposed to make your room seem bigger??)  and rolled that on.  And then a hot lap to Home Depot for paint.

The finished room - oh, the blue ceiling makes it seem soooooo much bigger!

But it didn’t turn out too bad…I was really frustrated with the paint this time – didn’t seem to cover very well, and didn’t know if that was the paint – or the painter…I had to do 2 coats of each, and should really do the purple again – but lets face it – it’s good enough for now.

Oh, so tidy! Actually, I think it really warms it up in there!


Now on to the accessorizing – curtains – which I was thinking some kind of burlap-esque something or other – and a bookshelf/night stand that will help control some of that paper clutter!


Now to get one my really good nights sleep before my Peeps are back home waking me up once every 3 hours!





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