Tie Applique Tutorial

The finished product.

Here we go with a little tutorial on applique.  It’s not so hard – you can do it!!  Okay, first go find yourself some cutie little fabric – something that both you and the boy can agree on.  I mean,  so he has Thomas the Tank on his tie…he won’t wear it to college.  But he will remember his favorite T-shirt his mommy made for him!!

And now that I just suckered you in head to my favorite place… the fabric store!  While you are at the fabric store choosing this lovely fabric (and don’t worry even though I only have girls, they always seem to pick out the most hideous florals or the fabric with all the horse heads on it – ee gahds!!)  you will also need to buy some heat and bond – you can get the light – if you intend to sew over it.  But if you don’t intend to sew over it, get the ultra – then you can just iron that baby on and be D-U-N, I mean done.

Helpful tip – find a fabric that has no direction – one you can’t turn upside down.   This way you can’t make any upside down Thomas the Tank Engines.  And you don’t have to buy much fabric.  You will need to buy at LEAST 3inches of both the fabric and the heat and bond.

When you get home heat up that iron – and press the back of the fabric to the tacky (non-papery) side of the heat and bond.  You will only need about a 12 inch length of the 3ish inches you bought.  Fold the the 12 by 3 strip of fabric in half and cut out your tie shape.  Be sure to leave yourself a 2inch by 2inch square to cut the ‘knot’ for the top of the tie.

Next you carefully peel the paper off the back of the ‘tie’

the peel

Make sure you iron that really good – sometimes the glue doesn’t like to come off of the paper.

Next you just position that baby on the shirt – preferably down the middle  -but if you want it a little off kilter – knock your socks off…or the tie in this case.

Fantastic!!  Now, just iron that baby down.

And whoopity do your D-U-N…I mean done.   Unless you want to stitch around the tie on the sewing machine …  But for now  you are your little boys hero!!!

Of course if you are thinking – that seems like too much work – just head over to my etsy shop or come find me on facebook!

Now you go have fun with that IRON!! 🙂


Hope this is helpful  tutorial!!


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